Cannabis Grow Consulting
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* Starter Package $200 *
  • Grow location evaluation: Our expert will visit with you at your grow location to review your space and ensure it is conducive for healthy growing plants and adheres to all laws regulating home grow of cannabis in Massachusetts. We will evaluate your grow space to help you determine how large of a space you will need to grow N number of plants. We will help you determine ventilation and lighting needs. Together we will put together a shopping list of all the items you will need to turn your space into the best possible home grow for cannabis.

  • Personnel shopping experience. Our expert will shop with you to help you pick out all of the equipment you will need for your specific grow: Tents, Lights, Ventilation, Chemicals, Soil, Pots, Seeds, etc. Everything you need to get up and running with your home grow, our expert will be with you step-by-step for everything you need.

  • Setup of your home grow. Our expert will work with you to setup you new home grow, plant your first seeds and get you up and running.

  • Our goal is to Educate you so you will be able grow great quality cannabis on your own.

  • Grow Planner: The Grow Planner is a journal designed specifically for home cannabis cultivation. Ideal for growers who wish to plan out their garden, rotation, feeding schedule in a clear and simple manner and track their progress with an intuitive weekly entry look. This journal can help easily track each phase of the growing cycle and allows you to quickly notate the most important daily & weekly info for your growing space. Learn from past grows, repeat your successes and avoid your failures. Every space, grower, and strain is different.

  • Power Grow Plugs: This is a 24 cell seed starting tray that will help you get your seeds started.

  • 20% off for all registered medical marijuana patients and veterans.

* Maintenance and Consult $15/visit *
Our will visit your home grow location and show you how to check your plants for mold, nutritional deficiency, moisture and any other maintenance necessary for a healthy grow.

* Additional charges will apply for any home grow locations outside of the Boston Metrowest area.​​